The Christmas Spirit & Kids

I believe kids want to get into the spirit of Christmas. Maybe they just want to raise money for the occasion to help themselves or their family. But I think it can go one step further.

12/3/20231 min read

We all know the excitement of Christmas is contagious. But it is also a time to reflect what it is supposed to be all about. It is a time for giving and thinking of others, of love and togetherness. So how can kids jump into that spirit and show where their heart lives?

As parents, we know that teaching our kids to care about others is important. Kindness is something they can actually demonstrate through daily actions towards their kids and others. But I think by getting kids involved we can teach them how to deliver first hand.

What I am suggesting is having kids pick a charity or even an idea that they come up with like supporting the homeless, to deliver supplies and financial support to those in need. Then find ways to make the fund-raising happen.

To make the whole thing more appealing to young ones, let them hold a garage sale by selling surplus games and toys they no longer use. The money raised can go towards the cause and the family as a unit can deliver the funds together. You would be creating a memory of working together and teaching them a valuable lesson at the same time.

Or you could work in the kitchen to make a bake off of cookies and other goodies to sell. Maybe there is clothing they own they want to sell if it is in good condition which could go to a consignment store. Perhaps the kids can do chores in the neighbourhood or any other creative ways they can think of to generate funds.

May the season fill you all with joy and may it bubble over into your community. Just because we are all tightening our belts is no reason to forget about those who have much less than you. Believe me, giving from the heart changes you. You will not regret this act of love and charity.