The Keeping Your iPhone Safe Story

We all want to have our phones close to us for many reasons. The thought of having it stolen leaves us speechless, literally. This tip might prove helpful

1/29/20241 min read

Recently I wrote an article regarding the iPhone and keeping it safe to share with your kids by using an unknown existing feature that keeps all other information from their prying eyes. Check out my latest post on Linked In to see that.

This article is again about the iPhone only this time we are focusing on keeping it from thieves. Once it has been taken, we know the first thing they will do is to change the features we have enabled to protect it. Time is of the essence and that is what you gain which means you will now be able to protect it before features are changed.

How to do this? They now have a feature called Stolen Device Protection. Bio-metric authentication is part of this new feature. It uses face or touch identification and a time delay of about an hour before authentication can be be used again.

While this might seem inconvenient, it is better than losing your phone to someone who wants to resell it. The only problem here could be that if they got your pass code, they could access information that could compromise you. So the emphasis is still on you to keep that word private and away from prying eyes.

This feature is available on IOS 17.3 so you might require an update to use it. You also require certain features enabled which you likely already have done like: two factor authentication; a device password; face or touch ID; and finally the Find My which is to locate your phone. There is one more, Significant Locations which indicates if you are in a common location.

While this story could have many happy endings, it is just one of the things you need to be protected. Think seriously about using caution and common sense to ensure safety from theft. Your loved ones will thank you.