We Are Stressing Our Cats

Another scientific discovery find our favourite felines are being affected by our actions. We need to help them.

3/5/20241 min read

Scientists have been looking into a situation that we should rectify. While we dearly love our furry four-footed pets, our cats are suffering because we do not understand them the way we think we do. We treat them the same way as our dogs and they are very different animals.

Understanding is a two way street and they also do their best to relate to our strange actions. But much of the time, there is little they can do since we are much bigger than they are and determine how they will be treated. Our best intentions aside, it seems we are not listening to them.

Vets are aware that stress in some cats can cause interstitial cystitis, a bladder disease which affects the tissue causing inflammation. It can be very painful for them and suspicions are that we as humans are making them this way.

The suggestion is that we offer more than one solution if we see our felines are not happy. Our expectations are not realistic since they do not know what we want when we get upset and stop them from doing natural activities that make them a cat.

They only know their natural reflexes and needs so it is up to us to change the environment they live in so it is more accommodating for them. For example, have areas that allow them to scratch their claws and cover the one they might target like the side of a couch.

Each time they do what you want, use some sort of a reward system to encourage them. Remove what they use all the time like food or water bowls and litter box to more private areas where noise and unwanted activity is not nearby.

Always provide them plenty of high places where they can run when something scares them so they can observe in peace. Do not pet areas of her body till she takes the first step and rubs against you. Do not keep petting the base of her tail since the nerves there can be easily irritated.

Hopefully these changes will make her more receptive to you since in her world you are showing her respect. They are such wonderful creatures but our assumptions are not helpful. I trust this will create a more harmonious household for you. Your kitty will thank you.