When to Talk About Careers

Much has changed since I was young and now kids in primary school learn about what is out there for careers.

6/28/20231 min read

Back in my day, we kids knew there were limited opportunities for girls. A lot has changed and the field is wide open today. So when do kids start wondering about the different jobs available? Experts have divulged that even before grade one, kids like to try on scenarios. That is why now in primary school, there are programs to help open the eyes of eager little kids.

Expectations apparently are realistic by age 7 and some have an idea of what they might be good at. But that can be limiting because the whole array of availability has not been put in front of kids. But it has also been found that if kids do know what they want to be, like a policeman for example, it does affect their classroom behavior. So it makes sense to broaden their horizons so they realize they have choices.

Children will also pay more attention in class if they have aspirations. They have a goal even if that changes along the way which is common since we do not have all the information at that early age. So it makes sense if parents knowing that expose their kids to different jobs just by talking about them as the questions arise. Maybe the child wants to see what dad does at work or what Uncle Jack does for a living. All of it is helpful.

I suspect we all have a certain curiosity even if that job does not fill the bill. That curiosity should be nurtured, even to the point of getting toys that fit the so-called job. It allows the child to try this work on and see how it fits. All encouragement and possibilities can be discussed. So expose your kids to choices. It matters, even in primary school.