Zynbabwe and Kids

My objective here is to let parents know what their kids do about this product. You need to be diligent since this will affect their health. Also they are not likely to be talking about it to adults.

2/13/20241 min read

I had never heard of this myself until I read a recent article in the NY Times and this raised many red flags for me. My generation had a terrible time with cigarettes in spite of being aware, as time went on, of the dangers involved and the health issues connected to it.

Today we know that vaping is also a concern. The biggest question though is why does this seem like a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes? I think it has a lot to do with the industry and the way they are advertising their products making them look like exciting and cool practices.

Now their is another item on the scene that is definitely a concern. This nicotine pouch called 'Zyn' is what the fuss is all about. Each tin contains small white packets and each one contains a label asking you not to eat them. This means they look appetizing enough to do so.

This gets placed under the lip and you are encouraged not to spit out the substance created which mixes with the natural juices in your mouth. You can either get the 3 or 6 milligram tins in the US and yes, they are addictive. One person reported on Tik Tok that she became ill and threw up the 6 milligram option.

Teenagers are getting these ads in their social media feeds (especially Tik Tok) as early as 2023.. Dentists are already seeing gum injuries. Also the advertising is now seen around schools and playgrounds everywhere.

So what can you do? I suggest talking to your kids about it since this is the time to address the elephant in the room. They will be surprised you know about it. But protecting them is the name of the game and this is your chance to influence their decisions.